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Five Cases of Intrusion

Edited by
Diego Tonus

Texts by

Krist Gruijthuijsen

Diego Tonus

Gail Cochrane

Designed by

Archive Appendix

Sponsored by:
Fondazione Spinola Banna per l'Arte
Mondriaan Fund
Regione Piemonte

The publication, which contains five years of work and was developed during the 3-month residency at Wiels, Center for Contemporary Art in Brussels organized by the Spinola Foundation, presents some works created by actions of intrusion in pre-existing contexts; experiences, such as the work of a guardian at an international art exhibition, which Tonus was able to incorporate into his artistic process to develop new projects.
The volume is designed to be considered an integral part of its research path; it is not a matter of a collection of works, but of a modality to describe the processes at the base of the creation of the works themselves. Tonus does not present his work in a direct or descriptive way, but adds an additional layer, "letting talk" transcriptions of fragments of recordings made secretly while telling, to interlocutors who are never identified, as some of his works have been realized .
In addition to the documentation of the works in the final appendix, the image system that accompanies the texts consists of unpublished material, notes and preparatory sketches that the artist has produced during the realization of the different works and that act as a guide to the reader in the interpretation of Diego Tonus's practice.

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Five Cases of Intrusion