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Artissima 2014

From 7 to 9 November 2014
Museums on Show Section

Thanks to its commitment and activities aimed at training young artists, the Spinola Foundation will again this year be taking part in Artissima in the Museums on Show section, dedicated to museums and foundations in the local area.
The Foundation’s guest this year will be the young artist Diego Tonus, who will be taking part with his video work: Speculative Speeches (Workers of the World – Relax).

Speculative Speeches (Workers of the world – Relax) is a film based on dialogues used by the artist as exercises for developing the power of his voice. Diego Tonus uses different voice tonalities, rhythms and pitches in the film, testing the potential of his voice in order to study the different ways of reaching and influencing a public in contexts such as presentations, lessons, public speeches or conferences, to name but a few. The work, which is based on takes in a recording studio, shows how Tonus exercises his voice through errors, repetitions and corrections, using the latter as a means to reveal contents linked to personally experienced speculation. Speculative Speeches (Workers of the world – Relax) is a film based on real recorded telephone dialogues.

The Spinola Foundation will also present Diego Tonus’s publication “Five Cases of Intrusion” at Artissima, in collaboration with Wiels, the Centre for Contemporary Art in Brussels and the Mondriaan Fonds of Amsterdam. The publication is Tonus’s first book, in which he has collected together thoughts, reflections, images and texts regarding his artistic development.
Five Cases of Intrusion, conceived by the artist in 2013, was put together during his three-month residence at Wiels, Centre for Contemporary Art in Brussels organised by the Spinola Foundation and promoted by the Piedmont Region.

Numerous artists that have taken part in workshops organised by the Spinola Banna Foundation for Art as post-graduates or undergraduates will be featuring in the events dedicated to contemporary art in Turin in November.

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Artissima 2014