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Liliana Moro / Mario Airo'

Long national workshop
from 7 to 18 April 2014

The first workshop in spring 2014 will be led by the Italian artists Mario Airò and Liliana Moro, who will come face to face in their multifaceted roles as artists, teachers and curators of specific projects of their past and present. Both may lay claim to a wide background as trainers (Liliana Moro teaches specialisation courses at the IUAV, and at the Academy of Bergamo as a professor of painting; Mario Airò teaches specialisation courses at the IUAV, the NABA, and at the Albertina Academy of Turin as a professor of sculpture). They also both have major experience as curators due to their experience as the founders of Lazzaro Palazzi, the first artist-run space of key importance on the Milan arts scene in the early ’90s.

In actual fact, 2014 marks the Fondazione Spinola Banna per l'Arte’s ninth year of activity, and it has been decided best to suspend the usual call for applications for the training of 16 new artists under 35 in order to undertake a process of reflection on the heritage acquired in terms of students, of which there have been over 150 since the start of the project, not to mention the visiting professors, who have obtained excellent results during their workshops.
The Fondazione Spinola will in fact adopt a training approach different from that deployed over recent years: the usual workshops, featuring a tried-and-tested experience of comparison between an artist/the young artists or a curator/the young artists, will be substituted this year by the theoretical and methodological collaboration of both the key figures operating in the contemporary arts system: the artist and the curator.

Liliana Moro / Mario Airo'