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Giorno per Giorno 2010

DAY BY DAY; A Month of Contemporary Art in Piedmont.
June 2010

DAY BY DAY is a project conceived and sponsored by the Fondazione per l’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CRT in the context of Contemporary Art Torino – Piedmont. Its goal is to encourage program coordination between the numerous contemporary art institutions in Piedmont and to present an accompanying guide to all the program events. DAY BY DAY is coordinated by Artissima.

by Eva Marisaldi and Enrico Serotti
June 13, 2010

As part of DAY BY DAY the FONDAZIONE SPINOLA BANNA presents the video

Cicolare by Eva Marisaldi and Enrico Serotti

The video presents an event created with the contributions of different people, artists, authors, and performers, in the context of a classic bumper-car track.
For the participants, the bumper car track becomes a temporary garrison, a contained theater of aggression and courtship, a scaled-down and concentrated amusement park.
A bumper car ride is always seen with a kind of anticipation and the more remote the town, the greater the anticipation.
The owner of the bumper car ride, like all traveling show-people, leads a very particular kind of life.
The piece is thus particularly appropriate for a diverse audience given this quality of being a “live brainstorm” between diverse people.

Diego Perrone, Italo Zuffi, Marco Samorè, Maurizio Mercuri, Emilio Fantin, Cesare Viel, Liliana Moro, Gosia Turzeniecka, Marco Vaglieri, Francesco Voltolina, M + M (Marc Weis and Martin De Mattia), Eva Marisaldi, Henry Serotti, Emilio Pieraccioni, Sandro Carnino, Stefano Bolognini, all worked on the realization and documentation of this event.

Giorno per Giorno 2010