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Doug Ashford

Workshop intensivo internazionale
Dal 20 Maggio al 3 Giugno 2013

“Group Material is a group of artists founded to give a constructive answer to that art which was being taught, exhibited and distributed throughout American culture of the day, to that which we believed to be a path which did not satisfy us… We want to maintain control over our work, directing our energies to the demands of social conditions, as opposed to than those of the art market. While most art institutions separate art from the world, neutralizing any abrasive forms and content, Group Material accentuates the cutting-edge of art. Our project is clear: we invite everyone to question the entire culture we have taken for granted.”
(extract from an interview with Julie Ault)

Group Material is a New York artists’ collective of which, at different times, members have included Doug Ashford, Tim Rollins, Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Julie Ault, who has been a member of the group since 1979 (the year of its foundation). One of the main aims of Group Material is the deconstruction of the typical museum exhibition in favour of a type of art which promotes the experience, information and participation both of other artists and of the general public. The Group’s actions have overturned the romantic concept of the artist. Despite numerous discussions, farewells and changes of direction, in its 16 years of history, Group Material has come up with a corpus of works which continues to influence and inspire a new generation of artists and curators. The Group’s work has recently been brought together in the volume entitled Show and Tell: A Chronicle of Group Material, (2010) – curated by Julie Ault.

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