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Tim Rollins & KOS

From 22nd October to 4th November 2012, the Fondazione Spinola Banna will host a workshop by the Tim Rollins & K.O.S. (Kids of Survival) collective, a group of American artists founded in 1982 by the artist Tim Rollins together with the pupils of Public School 52 in the South Bronx of New York.

Eight young (under 35) artists – chosen in the 2012 selection process, will take part in this international workshop hosted in the Spinola Banna rural farm building, offering bedrooms, studios and large open spaces in a natural setting, made available to them by the Foundation.

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Bianca Baldi, Edoardo Tronchin, Elena Mazzi, Irina Kholodnaya, Luca De Leva, Fernanda Uribe, Ambra Pittoni and Derek Maria Francesco Di Fabio are the young artists who will be given the chance to dialogue with Tim Rollins, accompanied by Rick Savinon and Angel Abreu (two long-standing members of the K.O.S. group). Their highly experimental approach, one of genuine collaboration, is based on the comparison of techniques and theories, with a special eye to the social use of arts: the common thread running through all the events planned by the Foundation in 2012.

Born in Pittsfield, ME, USA in 1955, Tim Rollins carries out research into art as a form of collaboration, and on individual creativity as a catalyst for social change.

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