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Jorge Peris

Starting 2008, the Fondazione Spinola Banna per l'Arte increased its educational goals by inaugurating a series of short workshops dedicated to young artists who had already participated in the regular program of the Foundation. The workshop that took place in the spring of 2008 was lead by artist Jorge Peris (b. Alzira 1967).
Two years later, those young artists who participated in the workshop with Peris in 2008 sought to meet him again in order to evaluate the changes and progress in their work and practice. This second workshop was held on 19 to 21 March 2010.

Always fascinated and seduced by space and its many aspects - physical, psychological, phenomenological - Jorge Peris explores the physical architectural environment that surrounds us almost as if it was a living being. He investigates all its possibilities of alteration and metamorphosis. Through often violent interventions of transformation, aggression, and corrosion, going almost to the point of outright destruction, Peris subverts spatial coordinates and creates a new alchemy in which the viewer firnds himself without points of referente. Often, in Peris’ works, the exhibition space is transformed into an archaeological site that reveals the previous lives of that space. At the same time, however, it seems to evoke a sort of vision of what the future might hold, as if the artist had divined a coming disaster that will reduce everything to ruins .
Peris often works by subtraction, triggering the dramatic process of relocation now so typical of his art. The violence of his gestures often seems to want to imitate the energy physical laws, those that govern the cosmos. Peris treats the spaces that surround us as metaphors for an organism: a human being. Stucco, for example, like the skin of a human body, is only the most superficial protective layer. Under it lie an infinite number of stories and emotions. And, just like a body, spaces change, grow old, are altered by others, and can be affected by strange wounds and sudden infections.

He has had numerous solo shows in Italy and abroad, among which; in 2007 Marte in Gaia and Cosimo, Galleria Zero, Milan; Diamond, Stock d'Arte Moderna, Rome, Egypt, Luigi, MAN, Nuoro, in 2004, Waiting for the Blackout, Sprovieri Gallery, London. Of his numerous group shows it is important to mention his participation in T1 The Pantagruel Syndrome, Turin Triennale, Turin in 2005.