Fondazione Spinola-Banna per l'arte
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Fondazione spinola banna per l'arte

The Fondazione Spinola Banna per l'Arte

The Fondazione Spinola Banna per l'Arte, founded in Banna, near Turin, in 2004, organizes workshops, discussions and seminars of contemporary art, whose aim is to both deepen the theoretical under-pinnings of current artistic practice and to introduce those same philosophical theories to young contemprary artists. The program of post-graduate education on contemporary art is based on a series of workshops with full-residency for Italian artists under the age of 35, under the supervision of international artists who freely choose theme, method and different phases of the educational process. At the end of every workshop the Foundation hosts an exposition of works and documents made by the students.
Progetto Musica is a commission-based project aimed to help young composers create new works which enter the repertoire of the ensembles selected to interpret them. Every year a workshop is organized so that the composers, together with the instrumentalists and under the supervision of an important composer, perfect the commissioned works with a view of the final concert, which is held in the concert hall of the Foundation. The final phase of the creative process merges therefore with the performance, involving all the musicians. Progetto Musica obtained in 2011 the XXX Premio Franco Abbiati for Music "Duilio Courir" and in 2013 the Silver Lion Award for Music of Biennale di Venezia.

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Parole per la speranza
Elena Mazzi: Atlante Energetico

Elena Mazzi: Atlante Energetico

La Fondazione Spinola Banna per l’Arte e la GAM Galleria Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Torino annunciano un progetto di collaborazione triennale...[>>]


Working Geographies. RESÒ International Art Exchange Residency Program

Working Geographies. RESÒ International Art Exchange Residency Program

Mousse Publishing

Fulvio GIANARIA, Gail COCHRANE and Paolo NALDINI Introduction
Residency as a possible new institution
The art residency in the age of globalization: from the project to the museum
Controlled equivocation: the indexical character of history
Maria Teresa ROBERTO
Entry Point
Hospitality is culture itself and not simply one ethic among others
Francesco DE BIASE, Luigi RATCLIF, Patrizia ROSSELLO
Residency on a local/global scale. Introduction on policies and relations
More about the take-and-return paradigm: reflections on the hypothesis of the undulating nature of artistic practice as turbulence in the social context
Residency as experience of exchange and reciprocity on a global and local scale
Enrico Carlo BONANATE
Residencies and museum institutions
Engaging with Cairo and her people
Capacete Entretenimentos. The residency model in the 21st century
Pooja SOOD
About Khoj
Residency as an experience and way of knowledge: lugar a dudas (place for doubts)

What might be the role of art and artists in an evolving geography such as that of recent years? To what extent can the residency experience have an influence on artistic research? Working Geographies is a book that documents the first four editions of the Resò international residency program that began in 2010. Through the texts by the authors and the projects of the twenty artists involved in the program thus far, the publication approaches questions that start from art to approach spheres like economics, the environment, politics, history, communication and the social sciences, exploring uncharted artistic routes that trigger dialogue between a region of Northern Italy—Piedmont—and Egypt, Brazil, India and Colombia. Working Geographies offers a set of reflections around the concepts of boundaries, identity and culture, in a liquid global scenario subject to continuous interrelations and rifts.

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Fabio Vacchi -  Daniele Abbado

Fabio Vacchi -  Daniele Abbado

To mark the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Progetto Musica, the Foundation proposes a musical theatre project in collaboration with the Visual Arts section. Fabio Vacchi (present also at the first edition) will guide the Music Project, and Daniele Abbado will head the Theatre Project. The Foundation has commissioned two short chamber works from the young composers Francesco Fournier and Orazio ...